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jeffholton's Journal

Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
28 October 1972
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I think I'll redo this page

Меня зовут Джефреи Борис.

I am an ordinary guy. (Burning down the house.)

My ex-wife and I adopted a baby boy from Kazakhstan in the late Summer of 2004.

Mary Elesa was born on October 25, 2006. We managed to construct this one without the use of paperwork. Wow, that was easy!


There's a more detailed bio of me at http://www.orthodoxwiki.org/User:Jeffholton

What my friends think of me. ;)

"...you are chopped liver with the potential to be filet mignon if you play your cards right."

"You suck so hard, you leave big hickeys on the Internet."
--naqerj (Fr. Andrew Damick), February 19, 2002

And, here's a bit of bio that I stole from isaakios, but it still applies to me, too:

I'm religious. I'm an Orthodox Christian, and even though I'm deeply flawed at practicing it, I firmly believe it's the one (100%) true religion. Don't surf away yet-- I have lots of friends that aren't Orthodox or even Christian; my religion isn't about judging or excluding people, and I don't "argue" religion with anyone. I do, however, love to talk/write about faith and ask people questions about their own spiritual journeys.

And this bit from her shamassyness, mairesue:

I make no excuses for my 'friends' list. I know people from many walks of life and from many places, both literally and figuratively. Just because someone's posts appear on my 'friends' page does not mean that I am in total agreement with what they say.

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