52 things I love about my wife

  1. Her eyes.

  2. Her smile.

  3. She can cook!

  4. The way she holds me. Like everything that's wrong goes away as long as that hug can last.

  5. Her heritage. (It's interesting! I love learning more about her!)

  6. Her faith.

  7. Her clairvoyance.

  8. Her moral code.

  9. Her heart.

  10. Her beauty.

  11. Her kiss.

  12. Her hair.

  13. The way she smells.

  14. Her snore. (No, really! It comforts me. Always has.)

  15. The way she takes charge of what needs to be done.

  16. The way she draws near to me when she needs to.

  17. How much she loves.

  18. Her imperfections.

  19. How hard she works.

  20. How much she cares.

  21. How she serves friends in need.

  22. How she took me back when I didn't deserve it (or want it).

  23. Her talents with papercrafting.

  24. Her ability to make our space beautiful.

  25. Her special ability to make me feel like the most amazing man in the world.

  26. Her sense of humor.

  27. She makes me laugh.

  28. Her body.

  29. How every time she kisses me is like the first time.

  30. How happy she makes me feel.

  31. How right she makes me feel.

  32. How she makes me think there are no other women in the world.

  33. How organized she is.

  34. How she makes me feel at ease, like we have lots of time to spend together.

  35. How she calls me on my shit.

  36. How she lets me call her on her shit.

  37. How she brought me to her church without ever putting me under any pressure whatsoever.

  38. How we read "Snow Falling on Cedars" to each other in bed.

  39. How she calls me when she wants to hear my voice.

  40. How seriously she takes life.

  41. How she reads people.

  42. How she looks surrounded by 108 long-stemmed South American roses on Valentine's Day.

  43. Her loyalty to family.

  44. Her musical ability.

  45. Her creativity with a sewing machine.

  46. How she makes the holidays magical.

  47. How she can clean up the ugliest spills, literally and metaphorically.

  48. How she knew what she wanted to do with her vocation, figured it out, and went and did it.

  49. How responsible she is with finances.

  50. How much she dreams.

  51. How she lets me lead our family.

  52. How she doesn't give up.


Joe Kenda, Homicide Hunter

"You never forget. You want to forget, but you can't. If you think about it all the time, you'd be a blithering idiot. Accept it for what it is--bad moments--and move on."
--Lt. Joe Kenda on getting used to seeing a murdered body

Yeah. Good advice for lots of things, really.

Save Me From Myself

From a song I wrote in 1995 or 1996

Curse my grand imagination
Save me from this situation
Maximize my inspiration
Deliver me from temptation

I have met the enemy
Funny thing he looks like me
Never would have dreamed he'd be
Bleeding inconsistency
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  1. A person who's been through hell before and made it out will fight like hell for a chance to get to heaven.

  2. From an interview with Jason Mraz about "I Wont Give Up:" I wanted the song to be able to connect with anyone who has something worth fighting for - whether it's the fight for equality or someone who just wants to lose five pounds. The song is available for anybody's fight. Hopefully, though, I never see the song on two sides of the same fight. That would be awkward.

  3. I'm still planning to call a local place to start boxing lessons. I've decided I either need to beat the crap out of somebody or get the crap beat out of me. Maybe we'll take turns.

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I am being laid off from unemployment

I've received a solid, a less solid, and a pending (and serious!) job offer in the past week or so. I've accepted one of them, but I'm stalling on it as long as I can.

My unemployment seems to be winding down.

One way or the other, I'll have a job very soon. And the commutes for all three stink.

One of them really, really has my attention. Wow. More to tell about it after I make a decision.

There are a few other opportunities floating in the breeze that I may want to entertain if people start calling me back. But I'm not sure if these other three all solidify quickly.
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Not positive, but pretty sure I graduated from college twenty years ago yesterday,

I'm unemployed.

Yay. :|

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Appie bai

I know the answer to this. I just wanted to see if the rest of y'all can get it.

Poll #1968730 appiebai

When my almost 18-month-old says "Appie bai," what she means is...

Abigail van Buren has left the building
"Apple pie"
"Happy baby"