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Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου

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Happy Monday! [Aug. 22nd, 2016|10:36 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Beatles - Getting Better]

Greek Festival was this past weekend. Spent a small fortune feeding a family of four. And this was including all the free food they managed to gank off of people and volunteering here and there. It ain't cheap! But it's so much fun.

Spending time pondering Orthodoxy, work, cooking, relationships, and technology. Rarely more than one at a time, though.

Actually, I suppose that's more or less what I've been pondering since I was 8 or so. Not much changes!
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Off by a bit [Apr. 30th, 2015|02:49 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
I just walked for the last time down the staircase I thought I'd watch my daughter walk down on her wedding day.

She's eight. I guess I misjudged that a bit.
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Happy [Mar. 26th, 2015|04:09 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |new skin]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |The Shins - New Slang]

Yeah. That's it.

I don't think I've been happy since 1988.

It's nice to have it back. But it's totally unfamiliar.


I was happier then with no mindset
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Come with me now. But first, tell me, who are you? [Aug. 20th, 2014|04:09 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |Far away, I heard him say]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Kongos - Come With Me Now]

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The Longest Meme. Part 0 [Jul. 20th, 2014|08:07 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου

Can someone send me or point me to the source of "The Longest Meme?"

I think I want to do it.

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A lyric that just came to me [Jul. 12th, 2014|08:47 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου

I shut your heart down for repair
Turned away and left you there
Told all our friends how much I care
About you

Maybe I'll write the rest of it sometime

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Public post: A wedding story [Jul. 10th, 2014|02:23 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |Memory Lane]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |Mendelsohn. Or Purcell. Or something.]

Fifteen years ago right now, I was standing in a church in Oakland waiting to get married. I was full of hope and love and the reassurance that this would last forever. After all, we were being married in the same church that my inlaws had been married in, we had the same photographer, my wife's family was so strongly represented, and the same priest who had baptized her was officiating. We had all the right influences. All we needed was the kick in the seat of the pants to get going. (Ok, I was wearing pants. She had on a dress. Oh, wow, what a dress!)

It was without a doubt one of the happiest, most wonderful, most amazing days of my life. I was being united to the best person I had ever met, and the one who has since boiled out of me things of both goodness and horror that I had no idea were there.

We are not done boiling. I ache over all the hurts I have ever caused her. And I rejoice over the love she has shown me.

I cannot imagine ever being with someone else.

I pray that I never have to.
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My new theme song [Jul. 9th, 2014|09:53 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |Peace]
[mood |Peace]
[music |OAR - Peace]

A public post about what I think is my new theme song. I'm switching allegiance from Jason Mraz' "I Won't Give Up" to this.

OAR (Of A Revolution)

I don’t wanna fight no more
Only wanna get to shore
Baby, don’t slam the door tonight
We ran another off the tracks
That’s time we can’t get back
But, we can save tomorrow if we try

'Til we make this right
I won’t say, "Good night."
I just wanna make you laugh
I just wanna see that smile
Babe, we’re only here for a little while
I just wanna hold you
'Til we fall asleep
I want love, I want us, I want you, I want me, I want peace

Everybody needs a place
Somewhere that’s warm and safe
A shelter from this crazy world we’re in,
But tonight I let the rain inside
And took away your place to hide
I’m sorry that I made you cry again

Oh, we can make this right,
Oh, kiss me good night

I just wanna make you laugh
I just wanna see that smile
Babe, we’re only here for a little while
I just wanna hold you
'Til we fall asleep
I want love, I want us, I want you, I want me, I want peace

Yeah, I want peace
Oh, we don't have to fight
Oh, just kiss me all night
'Cause I want peace, yeah
I just wanna make you laugh
I just wanna see that smile
Babe, we’re only here for a little while
I just wanna hold you
'Til we fall asleep
I want love, I want us, I want you, I want me, I want peace
I just wanna make you laugh
I just wanna see that smile
Babe, we’re only here for a little while
I just wanna hold you
'Til you fall asleep
I want love, I want us, I want you, I want me, I want peace
I want love, I want us, I want you, I want me, I want peace
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Office [Jul. 3rd, 2014|10:38 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |My heart, or at least half of it]
[mood |telos]
[music |Roxette - Listen to Your Heart]

  1. I found out who it is in the office whose phone ringtone is the "Poirot" theme. We met. It was a pleasant mutual understanding. He's an Indian guy who clearly has a sense for classic lit and good TV.

  2. I'm turning in my letter of resignation today. Closure? Something like that.

  3. This, by the way, is a public post. Just sayin'.

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Poirot [Jun. 30th, 2014|04:31 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |work]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Theme from "Poirot"]

Someone in one of the cubes around me is using the theme from "Poirot" as their ringtone.

It's quite pleasant, really.
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52 things I love about my wife [Jun. 27th, 2014|11:16 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου

  1. Her eyes.

  2. Her smile.

  3. She can cook!

  4. The way she holds me. Like everything that's wrong goes away as long as that hug can last.

  5. Her heritage. (It's interesting! I love learning more about her!)

  6. Her faith.

  7. Her clairvoyance.

  8. Her moral code.

  9. Her heart.

  10. Her beauty.

  11. Her kiss.

  12. Her hair.

  13. The way she smells.

  14. Her snore. (No, really! It comforts me. Always has.)

  15. The way she takes charge of what needs to be done.

  16. The way she draws near to me when she needs to.

  17. How much she loves.

  18. Her imperfections.

  19. How hard she works.

  20. How much she cares.

  21. How she serves friends in need.

  22. How she took me back when I didn't deserve it (or want it).

  23. Her talents with papercrafting.

  24. Her ability to make our space beautiful.

  25. Her special ability to make me feel like the most amazing man in the world.

  26. Her sense of humor.

  27. She makes me laugh.

  28. Her body.

  29. How every time she kisses me is like the first time.

  30. How happy she makes me feel.

  31. How right she makes me feel.

  32. How she makes me think there are no other women in the world.

  33. How organized she is.

  34. How she makes me feel at ease, like we have lots of time to spend together.

  35. How she calls me on my shit.

  36. How she lets me call her on her shit.

  37. How she brought me to her church without ever putting me under any pressure whatsoever.

  38. How we read "Snow Falling on Cedars" to each other in bed.

  39. How she calls me when she wants to hear my voice.

  40. How seriously she takes life.

  41. How she reads people.

  42. How she looks surrounded by 108 long-stemmed South American roses on Valentine's Day.

  43. Her loyalty to family.

  44. Her musical ability.

  45. Her creativity with a sewing machine.

  46. How she makes the holidays magical.

  47. How she can clean up the ugliest spills, literally and metaphorically.

  48. How she knew what she wanted to do with her vocation, figured it out, and went and did it.

  49. How responsible she is with finances.

  50. How much she dreams.

  51. How she lets me lead our family.

  52. How she doesn't give up.

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Joe Kenda, Homicide Hunter [Jun. 24th, 2014|10:45 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
"You never forget. You want to forget, but you can't. If you think about it all the time, you'd be a blithering idiot. Accept it for what it is--bad moments--and move on."
--Lt. Joe Kenda on getting used to seeing a murdered body

Yeah. Good advice for lots of things, really.
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Save Me From Myself [Jun. 24th, 2014|12:30 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |Between headphones]
[mood |It's not you. It's me.]
[music |My own crap]

From a song I wrote in 1995 or 1996

Curse my grand imagination
Save me from this situation
Maximize my inspiration
Deliver me from temptation

I have met the enemy
Funny thing he looks like me
Never would have dreamed he'd be
Bleeding inconsistency
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Fight [Jun. 24th, 2014|12:26 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |work]
[mood |determined]
[music |Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up]

  1. A person who's been through hell before and made it out will fight like hell for a chance to get to heaven.

  2. From an interview with Jason Mraz about "I Wont Give Up:" I wanted the song to be able to connect with anyone who has something worth fighting for - whether it's the fight for equality or someone who just wants to lose five pounds. The song is available for anybody's fight. Hopefully, though, I never see the song on two sides of the same fight. That would be awkward.

  3. I'm still planning to call a local place to start boxing lessons. I've decided I either need to beat the crap out of somebody or get the crap beat out of me. Maybe we'll take turns.

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Negative, negative. We're fine. We're all fine here. Uh, how are you? [Jun. 7th, 2014|10:41 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
"Prophets are never welcomed. Who wants to hear an ongoing message about what we're doing wrong when it's so nice to be told that everything's fine now."

--Me, in a comment to inhim, October 15, 2010
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I am being laid off from unemployment [May. 31st, 2014|04:43 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |moving on up]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Manic Monday]

I've received a solid, a less solid, and a pending (and serious!) job offer in the past week or so. I've accepted one of them, but I'm stalling on it as long as I can.

My unemployment seems to be winding down.

One way or the other, I'll have a job very soon. And the commutes for all three stink.

One of them really, really has my attention. Wow. More to tell about it after I make a decision.

There are a few other opportunities floating in the breeze that I may want to entertain if people start calling me back. But I'm not sure if these other three all solidify quickly.
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Decades [May. 26th, 2014|03:57 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[mood |Lend me your ear and I'll sing you a song]
[music |The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band]

Not positive, but pretty sure I graduated from college twenty years ago yesterday,

I'm unemployed.

Yay. :|

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Appie bai [May. 19th, 2014|11:09 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
I know the answer to this. I just wanted to see if the rest of y'all can get it.

Poll #1968730 appiebai

When my almost 18-month-old says "Appie bai," what she means is...

Abigail van Buren has left the building
"Apple pie"
"Happy baby"
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Only posting because of the music. Really. [May. 13th, 2014|01:49 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |Home]
[music |Eminem - Ass Like That]

I go to the movies and sit down with my pop corn.
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Nail biting [May. 9th, 2014|12:54 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
Just noticed that five years ago I posted that I was still biting my nails. http://jeffholton.livejournal.com/463977.html

Wanted to announce that it's not true anymore as of a few months ago. Dunno why yet, tho I have some ideas. Would require therapy.
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Pondering miracles [Mar. 31st, 2014|09:55 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
Yesterday's gospel reading was Mark 9:14-29.

This passage has been particularly meaningful to me for the past few months because it describes me very well: "I believe. Help my unbelief." I can't think of any other time in the gospels that someone was more raw and honest with Jesus.

There was one thing I noticed in the reading that I had never noticed before. Mark tells us that the demon in the boy was deaf and dumb. Jesus spoke a command to it and it obeyed.

If your jaw isn't on the floor, re-read that last paragraph again.
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Unsolicited advice [Feb. 28th, 2014|12:43 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[music |Steve Taylor - The Finish Line]

I'm going to make the pompous claim that this may be the most important post I've ever written. So pay attention to it.

I have an unsolicited word of advice and it goes out to three categories of people. If you're in a new relationship, if you've been in a relationship for a long time, or if you ever think you might be in a relationship, heed this.

If you think or feel something about someone you care so deeply for that they define your soul, for the love of all that is holy, SAY IT TO THEM!!

If it is a positive thing, they are probably not picking it up from your hints, your body language, your unspoken actions. It's nothing you're doing wrong. They just have different motion detectors than you do. You're giving off hints that *you* know how to read. They're not getting the message.

And if it's critical instead of positive, for God's sake, grant them the decency to express their love for you and address it before it's festered for so long that there's no healthy flesh left. I've watched too many relationships erode in the past few years because people were scared of telling the truth about what they wanted or needed.

And, finally, for love's sake, if they say something to you, and you don't know why they're saying it, ASK THEM! You have a right and a responsibility to hear each other, to speak and to be heard.

In the end, it might actually be all you have. And by then it might be too late to want to listen.

Take care of each other.

It's my hope that this post will save one couple that's worth saving. If it's you, I don't need to know it. I don't need positive feedback. Just go set an example for a new generation and pass on the goodness.

Thank you.

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Thoughts [Feb. 27th, 2014|05:13 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |on a Google bus]
[mood |Pensive, introspective]
[music |Violet Burning - Through My Tears]

  1. As I returned across the fields I'd known
    I recognized the walls that I once made
    I had to stop in my tracks for fear
    Of walking on the mines I'd laid
    And if I've built this fortress around your heart
    Encircled you in trenches and barbed wire
    Then let me build a bridge
    For I cannot fill the chasm
    And let me set the battlements on fire

    Then I went off to fight some battle
    That I'd invented inside my head
    Away so long for years and years
    You probably thought, or even wished that I was dead
    While the armies all are sleeping
    Beneath the tattered flag we'd made
    I had to stop in my tracks for fear
    Of walking on the mines I'd laid


  2. At night I hear the sound
    Of two hearts breaking
    In the light I see the scars left behind

    Through my tears I know
    One thing remains...

    I am nothing
    I am nothing
    Unless you make me more

    If I descend into the depths of hell
    You will find me
    And if I climb above the stars
    You are there

    Through my tears I know
    One thing remains
    You, always you

    I am weak
    I am nothing
    I am tired
    I am torn in two

    I've seen the lonely people
    Crying out in the night
    Screaming out for shelter
    From the storms of this life


  3. Ignorance or apathy, which way?
    "We don't know and we don't care," they say

    And as we watch the family die
    An orphan choir rehearses
    Their daddies left without a goodbye
    Will you, my man, buckle under these curses?

    Never have I seen the righteous forsaken
    Never abandoned in the flood lands
    Never have I seen their children out begging
    Never have I seen them slip through your hands

    Curses fall on another deserter
    Curses fall on another deserter
    Curses fall on another deserter


  4. I would choose to be with you
    That's if the choice were mine to make
    But you can make decisions too
    And you can have this heart to break

    And so it goes, and so it goes
    And you're the only one who knows


  5. If in the dark we lose sight of love
    Hold my hand and have no fear
    'Cause I... I will be here

    I will be here
    When you feel like being quiet
    When you need to speak your mind
    I will listen
    And I will be here
    When the laughter turns to crying
    Through the winning, losing and trying
    We'll be together
    'Cause I will be here

    Tomorrow morning if you wake up
    And the future is unclear
    I... I will be here
    As sure as seasons are made for change
    Our lifetimes are made for years
    So I... I will be here

    I will be here
    And you can cry on my shoulder
    When the mirror tells us we're older
    I will hold you
    And I will be here
    To watch you grow in beauty
    And tell you all the things you are to me
    I will be here, hmmm

    I will be true to the promise I have made
    To you and to the One who gave you to me

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Conversations with God [Feb. 27th, 2014|02:56 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου

Just had the strangest conversation with God. Probably the first one in over ten years. The effect of one's imagination at 2:45am? Perhaps. But just as deeply profound and out-of-left-field as I've come to expect.

To be honest, what it did was bring me from not being sure what to do to being sure I don't know what to do.

I'm certain that I'm uncertain? Wow, this is meta.

So, yeah, thanks so much for pointing out that it's not that I think I'm inept, but that I am inept.

I'm not sure if that's an improvement or if life is just intended to be 100% an exercise in humility.

Or both.

Now I'll try to sleep.

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Cedars of Lebanon [Jan. 16th, 2014|03:37 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
Choose your enemies carefully 'cause they will define you
Make them interesting 'cause in some ways they will mind you
They're not there in the beginning but when your story ends
Gonna last with you longer than your friends
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Full moon [Jan. 16th, 2014|06:10 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
The moon is gorgeous right now. Clear, calm sky. Just about to set.

I just sat out there with my new 200mm lens and a tripod. I've taken reasonably interesting moon shots before with another lens. But I just cannot get this lens to focus.

Frustrating. I guess I'll try again next month.
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Work from home [Jan. 15th, 2014|11:44 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
Working from home today.

Which is normally synonymous with "doing diddly squat."

However, in this case, I really have a lot to get done.
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Trains [Jan. 8th, 2014|09:11 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |at work]
[music |Train - Save Me, San Francisco]

Every day, on my way to and from work, I drive over what I thought was an abandoned set of train tracks.

It is not abandoned.

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Lyrics [Jan. 8th, 2014|07:20 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[music |George Harrison - My Sweet Lorde]

Oui, Don Quierre
We're jiving cattle acts [axe?] in our jeans
And we're gonna be lawyers

...Wait. What's she saying??!?

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Website woes [Jan. 2nd, 2014|02:24 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
My 2007 MacBook Pro is ill. It's not dying. I think it's reparable. But I had to shut it down for a bit.

And it's my webserver.

So I spent the weekend shifting everything over to a Linux virtual machine on a Windows 7 box [*gack!*] that I just bought for $75 to keep me going for a couple weeks. (It's probably worth $150, so I'll make some money on it when I unload it again.) Took me a while to configure all the firewalls and stuff to talk to each other nicely.

Then, this morning, I found that I forgot to install the automatic DNS updater, too. Oops. So, no web access today.
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Who would you be? [Jan. 2nd, 2014|02:05 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
If I could be someone else, I think I'd want to be kiwiria. She reads a lot. I like that.
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Pondering LJ for 2014 [Jan. 2nd, 2014|01:53 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
Testing...testing. Is this thing on?
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Registrations [Nov. 9th, 2013|06:09 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
Today, I taught my industrious older children how to remove a license plate from a car in order to apply the new registration stickers.

At the end of the day, we went to check the mail to find that the registration sticker for the other car arrived. Coincidence!

It was on the car, the record was scanned and filed, and the paperwork was in the glove box within 25 minutes of it entering the house.

That's a record. It once took me 14 months to do it. Having kids is great!
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How to get rich [May. 4th, 2012|12:26 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |home]
[mood |scheming]
[music |The Beatles - Money (or Paperback Writer, I suppose)]

Here’s how to get rich:

1. Identify social ill.

2. Imagine theoretical fictional character who stands as antithesis to that ill.

3. Write character into book/movie series and make billions off of people who would rather spend a few bucks watching someone pretend to fix aforementioned ill than actually get up off the couch and do something about it themselves.

Oooh! I got one! I think I’m gonna pick “inequitable distribution of wealth” for line #1! WOOHOO!
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Encyclopaedia Brittanica to cease print edition [Mar. 13th, 2012|10:01 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Encyclopedia Brittanica president Jorge] Cauz admits that he will miss holding its volumes in his hands. That product, he says, is "not only romantic, it's also nostalgic."
(from http://www.usatoday.com/life/books/story/2012-03-08/encyclopaedia-britannica-print/53516812/1)

BLOG: Yeah, isn't that what I said?
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John Adams on Congress and talking too much [Mar. 6th, 2012|01:12 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
"This assembly is like no other that ever existed. Every man in it is a great man--an orator, a critic, a statesman, and therefore ever man upon every question must show his oratory, his criticism, and his political abilities.

"The consequence of this is that business is drawn and spun out to immeasurable length. I believe if it was moved and seconded that we should come to a resolution that three and two make five, we should be entertained with logic and rhetoric, law, history, politics, and mathematics concerning the subject for two whole days, and then we should pass the resolution unanimously in the affirmative."

--John Adams, referring to the Continental Congress (which I think we can argue at least loosely is the same legislative body as Congress today), in a letter to his wife, somewhere in 1774-76, as quoted by McCullough, p. 86.
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The defeat of the British in Boston [Mar. 3rd, 2012|04:30 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου

"The British had been outwitted, humiliated. The greatest military power on earth had been forced to retreat by an army of amateurs..."
--David McCullough, "John Adams," 76.

Two hundred and thirty six years later, we Americans are still rather proud of that little accomplishment in the last days of the Winter of 1775-76, perhaps more so than any other. We rest on our laurels too much.

We also forget that the leadership of two men set the wheels of that episode in motion. Ethan Allen captured the artillery at Fort Ticonderoga. And Henry Knox led the expedition that, by all expectations, should have been suicide: he moved the guns to Boston.

Without either of those two acts of heroic bravery, we might--*might*, by God's grace--today be an affluent province of the British Empire, and be looking back on the good old days when eventual Governor General Jonathan Sewell restored peace in the colonies and proved those traitorous rebels wrong.

Hey, look at me. I'm writing "what-if" history now. Heh. :)

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

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Food [Mar. 2nd, 2012|06:17 pm]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου
[Current Location |at home]
[mood |repentant]

It is Lent.

Also, my children are hungry.

I shall now go into the kitchen and make a pizza. From scratch. (Well...from a tube of Pillsbury dough, granted. But close.)

Judge me, if you wish. I am attempting to master the art of repenting and failing simultaneously.

It's most efficient.

I promise not to make prosfora from Pillsbury dough. Ever. Don't worry.
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McCullough - John Adams [Mar. 1st, 2012|05:40 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου

That McCullough can be a quarter of a millennium removed from his subjects and yet still make me think he is sitting in the room with them astounds me.

Authors and time travelers. Would that I could be one or the other. Or both. In either case, I might do well to take up wizardry first.

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Complaints [Feb. 26th, 2012|07:52 am]
Διδαξον με τα δικαιωματα σου

1. Our heater/blower stopped working the other day when it was hot. Not a big deal. It only got up to 78°F. But now a cold snap is coming.

2. In order to repair the blower, I need to clear out the garage so the repairman can access the furnace. It's a disaster out there.

3. I can't think of anything else to complain about. I'm usually more creative than this.

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